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Wine and Flavor Trail Franciacorta

The Wine and Flavor Trail in Franciacorta is one of the best known in Lombardy and the entirety of Italy. The area we are talking about comrpises the Brescian southwest side of Lake Iseo, bordering to Monte Orfano, Monte Alto and the Mella and Oglio rivers. 

Amongst the numerous food and wine itineraries in Lombardy, this one in particular stands out for being interesting and for taking an artistic and landscaping approach to it. 

A few destinations that are definitely worth visiting are the Convent of the Annunciation in Rovato, featuring the Annunciation by Gerolamo Romanino and the Olivetana Abbey of San Nicola at Rodengo Saiano, one of the largest monasteries in Italy and a testimony of Benedictine presence in the area. Nature enthusiasts, and birdwatchers in particular, should not miss the Torbiere del Sebino Natural Reserve, the Monastery of St. Peter can be found there, at the municipality of Lamosa.

Besides its monasteries, this territory is full of ancient medieval boroughs, towers and castles, surrounded by renowned vineyards. Patrician villages and XVIth century buildings and Roman palaces were often related to winemaking.

High quality wine is the main attraction in this part of the Region, one of the best reasons to get to discover its wonders. For starters, the Franciacorta DOCG wine comes in different varieties: Satèn, Rosé, Millesimato, Riserva, Curtefranca DOC (white and red) and the Sebino IGT.

Other local products that you can try in the zone's agrotourisms are the Talegio DOP cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Brescian Robiola.

You can take the Wine and Flavor Trail of the Franciacorta all year long, with numerous occasions to enjoy visits to quality wine cellars and tasting sessions. Take special notice to september, when the Franciacorta in Cantina Festival takes place, a full weekend of events dedicated to good food and wine.

Here are some other events that put food and wine in center stage. Erbusco in Tavola usually happens in september, the Baked Tench Week of Clusane in July, the Chocolate Fair of Monticelli Brusati in november and Iseo's Natale con gusto.

Take me here: Wine and Flavor Trail Franciacorta

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