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Consortium Salami Cremona IGP

An institution to identify, safeguard and promote on the market a typical product of the Po valley

The Consortium Salami Cremona was born on the 7th of March 1995 and it is a non-profit association.
It carries out the following activities:
•safeguarding the production and the marketing of the (I.G.P.) Salami Cremona;
•promoting every initiative which can safeguard the peculiar aspects of this product, fighting against irregular competition, counterfeiting and illegal actions;
•promoting and enhancing the presence of Salami Cremona I.G.P. on all the markets.
The Consortium includes the salami producers but also the pigs’ breeders and all those who want to understand better their role in the supply-chain.  
The Protected Geographical Indication identifies a food product coming from a specific area where it takes place one of the production phases.  
In the case of Cremona Salami the connection with the territory (in this case the Regions of Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto) is represented in the entire supply-chain: the raw material, in fact, comes from the breeding centres of 11 Italian regions.
The Salami Cremona I.G.P. is the result of the processing of selected pork flavoured with salt and crushed garlic and then bagged in natural guts of cows, sheeps, pigs or horses.
The production procedure involves only the use of meat coming from Italian pigs and, more precisely, from the area of Parma Ham and San Daniele Ham. Moreover, to prepare Cremona Salami, it is allowed to use only fresh (and not frozen) meat.
The salami is aged according to a specific procedure, from 5 weeks to 4 months.
Thanks to the perfect mixture of its ingredients, this salami is extremely spicy. It has an intense red colour which becomes white in the fat parts. The final result is a unique product which represents  the culture and the nature of a territory.
Since 2017, the consortium has been organizing the Salami Festival in Cremona, in October, a great event in which the best salami’s producers present their products.

Consorzio di Tutela Salame Cremona IGP
Via Stefano Jacini, 7, Cremona

Take me here: Consortium Salami Cremona IGP

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