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Eating Lombardy

Lombardy shows its excellence with the unique and traditional flavors of each single territory, but it is also international cuisine

Eating in Lombardy is experiencing a Region that has something interesting to offer at any season. Cultural attractions and outdoor activities will keep you constantly entertained! All this excitement will probably make you hungry, but rest assured that Lombardy counts with a rich culinary heritage, with numerous restaurants, trattorias and agrotourisms will satisfiy your palate and treat you to unique experiences.

Start with its traditional recipes: saffron risotto and breaded Milanesa, lakewater fish, bresaola, buckwheat pizzoccheri ribbon noodles, Bergamasque casoncelli, winter dishes like cassoeula,  polenta, Mantua's tortelli with pumpkin filling, citrus fruits from Garda and aged cheeses. Various dishes and products mirror the Region's diversity of landscapes.

Feeling full? How about some dessert: sbrisolona cake, panettone, tortionata from Lodi, amaretti from Saronno and torrone nougat from Cremona just to mention a few. Supper is served with remarkable Lombard wines, red, white or rosé, still or sparkling, they come from famous territories like Franciacorta, Oltrepò Pavese and Lugana in lower Garda.

Lombardy's rich menu will make even the most discerning palates happy with a high quality offer for eating in historic province trattorias and mountain shelters, agrotourisms encircled by nature and Michelin-starred restaurants in its cities. This territory boast the excellence of unique flavors and traditional dishes from each province, plus a large variety of international cuisine and the work of authentic cooking innovators. World-renowned chefs are always eager to propose remarkable recipes and refined concoctions.

Our guide does not aim to be a comprehensive one regarding the best restaurants: we would only like to give you a few suggestions for eating in Lombardy, letting you explore its numerous destinations alongside the Wine and Flavor Trails as well, making your journey even more interesting and fun. We leave the pleasure of discovering them up to you!

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