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Teglio, the home of pizzoccheri

The small Valtellina town of Teglio is the home of pizzoccheri, the tasty dish of buckwheat pasta with cheese and vegetables

For gourmets, the small Valtellina town of Teglio does not require any introduction: it is the home of pizzoccheri, the tasty dish of buckwheat pasta with cheese and vegetables, to which a famous academy has been dedicated.

Not far from the resort are the plains of Prato Valentino - a small ski area offering various activities for those in search of some peace, quiet and a genuine mountain atmosphere.

Prato Valentino includes about twenty kilometres of easy to intermediate ski runs This, together with its sunny location, make it an ideal destination for a family holiday.

Indeed, the area is less adapted for competition than for relaxation, leisure and wellness. That's also why this is the perfect place to bring children learning to ski. Teglio is also ideal to fully appreciate nature and to take reinvigorating strolls with snowshoes along the three marked itineraries or to enjoy a bit of ice skating.

Teglio can also be enjoyed off the slopes: at the entrance of the village stands palazzo Besta, one of the most remarkable Renaissance houses in Lombardy. Built in the 15th century, it houses a rectangular courtyard with a double loggia, an octagon-shaped well and some frescoes depicting scenes of the Eneide. The first floor is also richly frescoed with episodes from Ovide's Metamorphosis, from Ludovico Ariosto's Orlando Furioso and with biblical motives. A real gem can be found in the Creation Room: the vault is adorned with a notorious Renaissance geographical representation. On the ground floor, the Guards quarters host the Antiquarium Tellinum Museum with some pre-historical stones, one of which is interpreted to be a representation of Mother Goddess.

Finally, the project for the refurbishment of the Menaglio windmill has been completed; it is a beautiful structure located in the hamlet of San Rocco, a two-floor exhibition space and small individual building next door where typical Valtellina products are being cooked, all a highly evocative context.

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