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Pian delle Betulle

Beautiful mountain resort of Alta Valsassina, surrounded by the mountains of Lake Como.

Pian delle Betulle and Alpe Paglio is the second most important ski destination in the Lecco area. It is a pristine environment rich with forests, flora and wildlife.

It's the perfect place to admire magnificent views of alpine peaks, lakes and valleys, especially in winter.

Pian delle Betulle is a 5 minute cable car ride from Margno, while Alpe di Paglio is a 5 minute drive on a paved road. The two towns are connected by a wooded path.

The area has 6 runs for all types of skiers. For traditional downhill, Morosoi is the most challenging: a black run that is not too long but extremely technical, accessible by chairlift from the Plan of Betulle.

Then there are the intermediate trails of Presepe, Bosco and Cimoncino, which starts out from Monte Cimone that can be reached with a ski lift. Lower down the mountain you'll find a transporter belt where children can learn the basics. The area is a paradise for walking with snowshoes, with many routes suggested by local guides.

In Margno you can visit the old town, with its fortified ramparts , talk a walk through the winding streets and gaze at the variety of doors and gateways in their original stone work.

Otherwise stop off in nearby Premana, a typical town of the Val Varrone and visit the Ethnographic Museum that houses a collection of documents, photos and artefacts and offers insight into the valley's local customs.

Take me here: Pian delle Betulle

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