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Snowshoe trekking

A winter trek with snowshoes on one's feet is a very pleasant experience for everyone, adults and children

Snowshoe trekking, is a trek performed on foot using snow shoes, a fun and alternative way of discovering and exploring the snow capped natural habitat of the Lombardy mountains.

A winter trek with snowshoes on one's feet is a very pleasant experience for everyone, adults and children, and offers a great opportunity for amusement.

The trails can be very relaxing, or involve walking along paths with tough uphill stretches.

Often snowshoe treks are organised in the evening, as a walk under the stars, or in conjunction with events and tasting of typical local produce.

In the Brembana Valley, in the Convento and Pizzatorre hamlets, one encounters woods with ideal paths for snowshoe trekking. In Valtorta, the paths alongside the ski slopes, enable one to reach the mountain huts where one can enjoy a rest after the trek.

Climbing up the Camonica Valley, the meadows and fir tree woods that surround the Borno slopes are best explored on a snowshoe trek, as are the woods of the celebrated tourist resorts of Montecampione, Ponte di Legno and the Tonale Pass. One of the most appreciated events takes place at Vezza d'Oglio, the Moonlight snowshoe trek, a picturesque jaunt on a moonlit path with snowshoes on one's feet.

Still among the hills near Brescia, even the Maniva Ski resort rents snowshoes so you may embark on the discovery of the uncontaminated natural habitat of the Trompia Valley.

In Valchiavenna, Madesimo organises snowshoe trekking both in daytime and at night and many paths lead out of Campodolcino that enable trekkers to reach plateaus that are very interesting from a naturalistic and archaeological point of view, such as Pian dei Cavalli.

Night time treks are also organised by the mountains guides in Chiesa Valmalenco.

In Valsassina, at Piani di Bobbio, the snowshoe treks attract even the more adventurous and Pian delle Betulle provides a unique landscape for these outings.

Splendid snow capped landscapes stretch out before you even in the Valtellina district of Aprica and Bormio.

At the Stelvio National Park, snowshoe trekking can also become an opportunity to meet many of the animals the populate the area, such as deer and chamois.

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