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Valle del Livrio

The Livrio valley is crossed by the namesake creek that flows into the Adda river in Caiolo. The valley can be reached by following the road heading for the center of Albosaggia until reaching a crossroads: here, it's possible to take the road to Campelli or to Sant'Antonio. 

In San Salvatore, at an elevation of 1311 m a.s.l. the church built prior to the 12th century and which gave its name to the settlement is definitely worth a visit. The valley is well known for its several hiking itineraries in summer and ski mountaineering routes in winter, leading to the Casera lake, the tiny Zocche lakes or Piz Meriggio. 

Where the trees leave space for pastures, the valley offers an amazing view towards Corno Stella. Hikers who reach this peak will enjoy a breathtaking panorama, ranging from the Rhaetic Alps to the Po valley. 
Just like in the neighbouring valleys, the inhabitants of the Livrio valley once used to mine iron ore and to carry it to the furnace that gave the name to the settlement in which it was located - Forno. 

Itinerary San Salvatore - Lake of the Casera and Lake of the Zocche
Departure point: San Salvatore (1311 m)
Difficulty: easy
Elevation gain: 609 m
Time: 2.00 hrs
Suggested period: June - October

This is one of the easiest excursions in this area of the Orobic Alps. At the end of Summer, Lago della Casera is the location  of events such as the open air concert "I suoni delle Orobie" (the sounds of the Orobic Alps). After a 20-minutes walk you'll reach the wide basin of the Lago delle Zocche. Just one hour away, fittest hikers will find the ideal destination: Piz Meriggio - well-known among  ski mountaineers - which offers a 360° view of the Bergamasque and Rhaetian Alps.

Photo: Davide Rossi

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