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Brembana Valley

Trails between woods and peaks, snow-covered ski slopes ... come and discover all the outdoor activities in Val Brembana.

The Brembana Valley in the province of Bergamo, surrounded by the foothills of the Orobie Alps and nestled into the heart of upper Lombardy, owes its strong cultural identity to its orographic conformation, which in the past made reaching the plains and the surrounding valleys a rather difficult task.

Tradition, culture, natural resources and often unknown works of art are distributed along the branches of the valley to form a harmonious whole.

A visit to the Brembana Valley is like stepping back in time, with its ancient villages that still preserve traces of the area's ancient crafts, an adventure between natural environments that are still intact, a gastronomic journey to discover the traditional products, a search for treasures and architecture, including the Art Nouveau architectures of San Pellegrino Terme, the precious works preserved in the churches and museums along with original rural architecture.

All types of sports can also be enjoyed throughout the year with downhill ski resorts and places for practicing mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain biking, cross-country ski trails, ski touring, cycling, canoeing and hiking along a vast network of trails, from easy walks to a multi-day hike.

Various events are also held in the Brembana Valley in summer: dancing, gastronomic events, concerts, theatre performances, folk festivals, games, sports competitions, cultural events, exhibitions, markets, tours, group tours and mountain festivals.

The “queen of ski” in the surroundings of Bergamo is definitely Foppolo with its 14 slopes totalling more than 40 kilometres and 7 ski lifts. Together with Carona, San Simone, and Piazzatorre, Foppolo makes Val Brembana a very attractive ski area.

1. Culture. In the heart of Valle Brembana, with its wonderful, picturesque early twentieth-century Belle Époque atmosphere, stands San Pellegrino Terme, the ideal spa resort, even in winter, for those who love to travel back in time and discovery Liberty-style treasures.
2. Tradition. Wide-scale renovation has restored “la Rasega”, the old Berera sawmill in Valleve, and today the turbine and mill itself are working again, albeit only for visitor demonstrations. The same building also houses a small museum of local traditions,
illustrated in a collection of recovered exhibits.
3. Snowshoes and food. “Ciaspolando con gusto” in Val Brembana, is the foodie snowshoe walk on the Piani dell’Avaro, from one mountain “baita” or hut to another,
with tasting of the typical Bitto and Formai de Mut cheeses. The walk happens once
a month in January, February and March.

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