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A beautiful balcony overlooking the landscape of the Bernina dominating the whole Valmalenco.

Caspoggio, situated on the opposite side of Chiesa and the Disgrazia massif, has always enjoyed a strategic position in the valley, being situated on a hill of 1,000 metres.

Today, it owes its fortune to winter and summer tourism which has grown remarkably in recent decades.

On the opposite side of Alpe Palù you'll find the merry-go-round of Caspoggio's runs, famous among experts for having witnessed the first steps of the champion of the Italian ski team Ilario " Pecos " Pegorari .

The world's downhill champions have challenged each other on these slopes and still today, the technical runs for training and international competitions bring the world's best skiers here. Caspoggio's versatility means it can also welcome beginners and families during the winter months until April. The most advanced snow machines guarantee a perfect skiing base through the winter. Restaurants and refuges where skiers can warm up or enjoy a bit of sunbathing are scattered along the trails.

For those who don't ski, or prefer a break, the ice rink in Caspoggio, in the city centre, promises great fun.

Take me here: Caspoggio

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