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Winter excursions with sled or bob

Valmalenco has plenty of paths where you can have fun with a sled or bob.

Thanks to the several roads that reach the highest altitudes of Valmalenco, in winter you can take easy walks while having fun with a sled or a bob. The proposed excursions are feasible with snowshoes as well. The following itineraries are not paths reserverd for sledges, but simply snow-clad roads accessible to anyone: snowshoers, skiers and in some cases snowmobiles. We therefore recommend maximum caution!
Short routes for sledges or bobs are also found at the sports centers in Lanzada and Caspoggio.

From San Giuseppe to Chiareggio

Departing from Chiesa, you can reach San Giuseppe by car (6km) and then, following  the signs to Chiareggio, you'll reach the parking close to the cross-country track. Continue by feet along the snow-clad road (closed to traffic) that leads to Chiareggio (6km).

TIME: 1:30
UPHILL: 250 m
BARS & RESTAURANTS: Hotel Gembro, Chalet Tana del Grillo, Pian del Lupo

NOTES: The road is also used by the snowmobiles that take restaurant customers to Chiareggio. It is not possible to walk along the cross country track that links San Giuseppe to Chiareggio. This route is poorly sunlit until mid-February.

From Chiesa Valmalenco to Alpe Lago

Depart from Chiesa, and follow the road that leads to Primolo. At the first haripin turn, take a dirt road closed to traffic that reaches the Alpe Lago (6 Km).

TIME: 2:00
UPHILL: 600 m

NOTES: This route is little known, but very funny, since it features several hairpin turns. The path is sometimes used by the snowmobiles of the owners of the houses in Alpe Lago. The route is sunlit until the early afternoon.

From San Giuseppe to Lago Palù

Departing from San Giuseppe, at Hotel Sasso Nero, take the dirt road that leads to Rifugio Barchi and continue along the path until reaching lago Palù. The lake is the starting point of a walk that follows the cross-country track and runs around the lake.

TIME: 2:00
UPHILL: 500 m
BARS & RESTAURANTS: Rifugio Barchi, Rifugio Lago Palù

NOTES: Those who do not want to reach the lake by feet can take the chairlift and then descend with the sled or bob. The descent is obviously not possible on the ski slopes, but is allowed on the narrow road that first reaches Lake Palù and then Barchi, along a path rich in hairpin turns. Pay attention at the Barchi - where there is a slope crossing and continue towards San Giuseppe. Snowmobiles seldom ride along this path, but it's more likely to encounter skiers. Sunny path.

From Alpe Palù to Lago Palù

In Chiesa, take the Snow Eagle cable car and then reach the plain of Alpe Palù.

Close to the baby slope, take the path tath leads to the huts next to the departure point of the chairlift leading to Cima Motta. The route continues through a conifer wood, on the path that leads to the shores of Lake Palù.

TIME: 00:30 - 00:40
BARS & RESTAURANTS: Self-service Ai Campanacci, Agriturismo Malga Rundai, Rifugio Lago Palù

NOTES: This is an easy route, suitable for anyone. Alpe Palù is easily reached by taking the cable car and after a brief trek or - even better - a descent by sled leads you to the wonderful basin of Lake Palù. A real paradise just a stone's throw from the slopes. Sunny route. 

From Caspoggio to Sant'Antonio

Depart from Curada or Sant'Elisabetta in Caspoggio and follow the dirt road towards Sant'Antonio.

TIME: 0:40
UPHILL: 150 m
BARS & RESTAURANT:  Sendy Bar in S. Antonio

NOTES: This route is little know, short and suitable for families, who can reach the white Church in Sant'Antonio with a brief trek. The descent is on dirt road, seldom used by skiers or snowmobiles. It is also possible to take the chairlift during some weeks in winter. Poorly sunlit route.

Alpe Campagneda

Reach Franscia and then take the road to Campo Moro, where it is often necessary to fit tyre chains.

Park your car after the first galleries and take the dirt road on the right that leads to Alpe Campagneda and Rifugio Cà Runcasch.

TIME: 00:50
UPHILL: 180 m
BARS & RESTAURANTS: Rifugio Cà Runcasch, Agriturismo il Cornetto.

NOTES: This place is a true paradise. Here snowmobiles cannot ride and this path is only attended by ski mountaineers. Not easy to reach, this is the realm of snowshoers seeking for peace and silence.

The narrow road that links the parking to Rifugio Cà Runcasch is the ideal for sledding in one of the most pristine parts of Valmalenco. Sometimes it might be hard to walk witouth snowshoes, since the snow is usually soft, but this place is definitely worth the effort.

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