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What to Do in Lombardy Mountains

Lombardy is a perfect destination for those who love mountain holidays in front of the beautiful scenery of the Alps.

Val Brembana has dozens of ski slopes and cross-country trails, some of the best alpine ski routes and dedicated areas for snowboarding.

The most famous ski resorts include Foppolo, Piazzatorre (where you can also play ice hockey), Carona and Valtorta. The Nordic ski centre at Conca dell'Alben in Oltre il Colle has lots of state-of-the-art facilities and a range of fantastic tracks that are several dozen kilometres long, vary from easy to medium difficulty and are set in an absolutely stunning landscape.

Val Seriana – Val di Scalve has over 100 km of slopes, dozens of lifts, and picture-postcard views. Slopes for children learning to ski and technical slopes for the experts; cross-country ski pistes; mountain refuges with solariums for a fabulous bit of time out surrounded by the Orobie Prealps; snowshoe walks and alpine skiing for all levels; and moonlit snowmobile excursions. The main ski slopes are in Spiazzi di Gromo, Lizzola, Monte Pora, Monte Purito and Presolana.

Val Camonica is a natural paradise. The Adamello and Stelvio Parks are perfect for great days out and there are also popular ski resorts like Ponte di Legno-Tonale, Corteno-Aprica, Borno and Montecampione, all of which have excellent facilities.

Valsassina, with Piani di Bobbio and Piani delle Betulle, is one of the most interesting winter resorts for first-time skiers who want to learn how to hit the slopes successfully and for those who want to spend a delightful relaxing holiday surrounded by the beauty of unspoilt nature.  

Valtellina is the queen of the mountains in Lombardy and has over 400 km of slopes for alpine skiing, 200 km for Nordic skiing, snow parks and baby parks, refuges where you can relax and professional ski schools so you can ski safely. Its ski area boasts world-famous resorts like Livigno, Bormio, Santa Caterina Valfurva, Valdidentro, Valdisotto, Aprica, Teglio, Chiesa Valmalenco and Valgerola.

Snowboarding enthusiasts have got plenty of well-equipped spaces and snow parks, and cross-country skiers have access to over 200 km of slopes. Plus there are 53 refuges and restaurants on the slopes, 50 centres where you can hire equipment, and 30 ski schools. In Valtellina you ski all year round. Stelvio has some fantastic slopes and has always been the ultimate ski school; from May to November it plays host to ski champions who come to train and to sports lovers that want to hit the slopes even in the summer.

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Winter sports

Val Seriana, Val Brembana and Val di Scalve await you with their cross-country trails, snow parks, toboggan runs and skating rinks.
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Chiesa valmalenco

Church Valmalenco or as they call the Valtellina: the Sèsa, is a leading ski resort in Lombardy.
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Ice skating

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Snowshoe trekking

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Walking with an Alpine Guide

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San simone

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Pian delle betulle

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Snowboarding in Lombardy

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Mountain Shelters in Lombardy

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