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The most beautiful slopes in Valle Camonica

Developed in eastern Lombardy to the north of Lake Iseo and extending to border with Trento, Valle Camonica is a place that lends itself well to a variety of holidaying options thanks to the variety and magnitude of its nature, but above all because of its famed historic skiing tradition.

As one of the first Italian valleys to establish itself as a tourist and winter sports destination, Ponte di Legno was named “Italy’s first ski resort” by the Touring Club in 1912.

An ideal year-round destination thanks to its snow ascending the Presena glacier (meaning it can be enjoyed until June), its 200 km of slopes suitable for all abilities and its efficient network of modern ski lifts, Valle Camonica is one of the favourite locations for sports fans who want to have fun and rejuvenate by making the most of the vast quantities of pure beauty thanks to the natural setting of Parco dell’Adamello and Parco dello Stelvio.  

Whether you are alpine skiing purists, snowboarding beginners or fans of a more relaxed activity such as snowshoeing, come with us on this tour of Valle Camonica’s most exciting slopes and the region’s best equipped ski areas.

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