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Discover Lodi with traditional cuisine and produce

Alessia Canella, founder of the blog Style Shouts, was welcomed by Chef Simone Virtuani who introduced her to the best of Lodi cuisine at the Antica Osteria Ca' del Parto.


To truly discover a city, you have to sit down and sample its typical dishes and local produce. If you ever happen to be passing through Lodi, make sure to stop at the Vecchia Osteria Cà Del Parto, where Chef Simone Virtuani will introduce you to the most authentic local flavours.


Typical produce and dishes from Lodi: cured meats and sausage risotto 
The area surrounding Lodi is rich with farmland and the cured meats produced from local pigs are unrivalled in taste. You will be spoiled for choice by the selection of salami, cotechini and types of prosciutto on offer in Lodi. 

You simply can't pass through Lodi without trying the excellent sausage risotto. Risotto is a traditional source of pride in Lodi. Creamy and flavourful, it is made with PDO sausage and seasoned with ground pepper and Grana Padano cheese. 
The version of this traditional dish served by Chef Simone Virtuani includes the addition of local honey mushrooms. It's a must try! 


Typical produce and dishes of Lodi: Raspadüra 
Raspadüra is another typical Lodi dish. For those who don't know, it's a cheese served in wafer-thin sheets. The name comes from the local dialect and means "scraping". It can be eaten on top of risotto or pasta, or it can also served as an accompaniment to an aperitif. 

It's made with a type of young Grana cheese, called Granone Lodigiano, aged between 5 and 8 months. To serve Raspadüra you need a special knife to shave it very finely, as thin as sheets of tissue paper, which allows it to melt gently in your mouth and slowly release its intense flavour. 


Typical produce and dishes of Lodi: meat 
From tripe to roasted pork loin, "legate" meatballs, pork rolls stuffed with cheese and breadcrumbs, stewed roasted frog accompanied by a tomato and parsley sauce... you would need at least a week try to everything! Without a doubt, the delicacies are authentic to the area and come from the extensive local farmland. 


Typical produce of Lodi: Tortionata 
You can't finish off a lunch without having a typical dessert, that's why we suggest you try the Tortionata. It's a cake featuring a shortcrust pastry base, similar to a Sbrisolona di Mantova, made with the following simple ingredients: eggs, milk, butter and chopped almonds. To render it even more exquisite, combine it with another local delicacy: mascarpone cream. 

If you love good food, Lodi is full of delicious discoveries. Make sure you pay it a visit as soon as possible!


Useful information

Vecchia Osteria Ca’ del Parto

Opening times:
Monday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday from 7.00 am to 12 midnight
Tuesday from 7.00 am to 3.00 pm

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