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Val Trompia

La Val Trompia is a new and pleasant tourist destination, to be discovered!

Val Trompia is a 50 km-long valley wedged between the valleys known as Valle Sabbia and Val Camonica, which includes the entire area that extends from the Tre Valli massif to the plains of Brescia.

The Maniva Ski area, between the Pianura Padana (Po Valley) and the Rhaetian Alps, is a rapidly-expanding ski resort with great prospects.

The Maniva Ski resort lies at the end of the Upper Trompia Valley and the Upper Sabbia Valley, 10 km from the town of Collio towards Passo Maniva. The backdrop of Mount Maniva, between 1550 and 2100 metres, is highly impressive and offers the opportunity to travel along 45 km of slopes of varying difficulty: there are 8 lifts, including the new two-seat Persole-Dasdana chairlift that takes skiers to an altitude 2080 metres. Snowboarders and freestylers can tackle the trails of three different skills levels at the new Snowpark, while cross-country skiers can train along a 3 km loop.

The Baby Chalet and Baby Bagolino ski slopes have a maximum slope of 40 metres and are both suitable for beginners. An innovative artificial snow-making system ensures the finest snow conditions throughout the winter season.

The highly organised Italian Alpine Club of Valtrompia offers courses, tours and excursions for all levels of ski mountaineering. The resort is also complete with an ice skating rink and a shop that rents snowshoes, for experiencing the snow first-hand.

In Valtrompia, fishing enthusiasts can take advantage of the alpine lakes full of various types of trout and char fish: the lakes of Ravenola Lakes, Vaia and Dasdana.

Historically linked to the extraction and processing of iron, the Trompia Valley is a mining area with smelting furnaces and trip hammers moved by the force of the mountain streams. The link between the Valley and the city of Brescia is enhanced by the project entitled "La Via del Ferro e delle Miniere" (The Road of Iron and Mining), which takes visitors through an area undiscovered by mass tourism, yet highly interesting: forests, plateaus, adventure parks , typical restaurants, ski slopes and long trails for high-altitude hiking.

The delicious cuisine of Valtrompia features excellent cheeses, meats, game and river trout.

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