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Centre of colico

Discover what to see in Colico, the pearl of Lake Lecco.

Be transported to Lecco through Lake Como.

The town is built on two hills, on the edge of what was once a swamp and the modern-day home to Lombardy's largest nature reserve, known as Piano di Spagna.

Two forts are located in Colico: the Montecchio Fort and the Fuentes Fort.

The Montecchio Fort, built between 1911 and 1914, is the only Italian military fort from World War I that retains its original armaments. The fort is carved entirely out of stone, with thick walls in white granite taken from nearby quarries. In addition to four Schneider cannons with a range of 14 km, visitors can also see the electrical, defence, ventilation and water supply systems, all in their original state.

The Fuentes Fort was built by the Spanish governor, the Count of Fuentes, in 1603 to control the entrance of both valleys, and to discourage the Grisons from initiating any military attacks. Inside the fort, the Governor's Palace occupies an entire side of the place of arms, while the soldiers' barracks occupy another. During the First World War, while armoured outposts were built here, they were never armed. Fort Fuentes offers a picturesque view of the valley thanks to its elevated position.

Continue your visit with a stop in the ancient village of Fontanedo, once inhabited by several families of peasants, with the church of Santa Elena, with its beautiful white marble baptismal font and a tower dating back to 1357. Other churches worth a visit include the church of the San Bernardino and the oratory of San Rocco, for their artistic works. On the Olgiasca peninsula the splendid Villa Malpensata rises up, crowned with gardens, meadows and vineyards overlooking the lake.

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