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Discover the lakes of Brianza - Greenland

Moulded by the millennial movements of glaciers and painted by the ever-chancing colours or a generous nature, Upper Brianza (the mountainous area in the North and East of Brianza) is a territory that bestows an extraordinary variety of landscapes, all of which are enchanting.

With its gentle hillsides that slope towards the Lambro valley, the lakes and the other bodies of water, the rivers, the irrigation canals, it has always been admired for its beauty and extolled for its healthy air. Over past centuries it has become the ideal holiday destination for Milanese gentry and others who were seeking a special place where they could establish their country homes.

Hence, beginning in the 1600s, numerous “Villas of Delight” arose, rich in works of art, with spectacular Italian- and English-style gardens, are one of the most precious jewels in the zone. From the nineteenth-century Villa Cagnola, to the extravagant Art Nouveau pearl of Villa Bordone, through Villa Sormani Andreani Verri, a corner of Provence amidst the hillsides of Brianza.

From the Villas to other "delightful destinations" that can be reached with the electric ferry Vago Eupili on the Lake of Pusiano.  Its calm waters are surrounded by poplars, alders, and willows and, towards the Isle of Cypress, by a thick line of cypresses that prevent a clear view of what is going on the island.

From the privileged position of the ferry it is possible to observe species (sometimes even rare ones) of aquatic birds that inhabit the lake shores, from the bright blue Kingfisher to the peaceful Mallard  continuing on to the wings of the Mute Swan

The delights of Upper Brianza are also enogastronomic and can be sampled in the Crotti, convivial places, something between a wine cellar and a trattoria. If there is one aspect that makes them unique it is the setting they are immersed in, or the tavern built above or next to these rooms dug into the rock, once used to preserve local products.

The crotti, generally run by a family, offer their clients polenta, meats grilled on a stone slab (the piòta), braised meats, freshwater fish, cold meats and cheeses all washed done with plenty of local wines, and guarantee an authentically rustic atmosphere where clients can savour them at their best.



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