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Parco dello Stelvio, Bormio and Valdidentro

An extraordinary wealth of impressive larch and Norway spruce forests and the chance to observe an incredible number of animal species, including deer, chamois, ibex, weasels and stoats and not forgetting the birds of prey that dominate the skies.

Welcome to the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio, the protected national park that gives tourists and hikers the possibility of walking through unspoilt luxuriant nature, up to and over the 3000 metre mark, where the landscape is all rocks, scree, perennial snow and glaciers.

Stelvio National Park
Stelvio Park is the perfect place for keen walkers who love to set off along old roads and military mule tracks up to the high mountains, or along the trails that lead from the woods to the glaciers. The large network of paths covers hundreds of kilometres and offers a chance to get a close up look at the environment and the animals who live here. The protected area has trails for all ability levels: from the easiest, perfect even for families with children, through to longer, more strenuous options for fitter hikers. They all guarantee enjoyable experiences and excitement and, with a little luck, surprising encounters in close contact with nature and its fauna.

In the heart of Alta Valtellina, Valdidentro is inside Stelvio Park, halfway between Bormio and the duty-free area of Livigno, and just a stone's throw from Switzerland. It is the perfect summer holiday destination, especially for those looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and wanting to spend their time immersed in nature and breathing in clear mountain air. Surrounded by meadows, rivers, woods and waterfalls, visitors can walk or hike, or even ride mountain bike, with plenty of active
or relaxing pastimes to choose from.

Hiking to the mouth of the Adda and rock gyms
The two artificial dams that form the Cancano lakes are definitely worth a visit, also because they mark the starting point for a series of paths into the valley. Particularly scenic is the one that begins at the San Giacomo dam and takes hikers along Val Alpisella, the valley that is home to the natural springs of the River Adda, through to Livigno. Another must-see is the Rin de Scegn waterfall at Crap de Scegn, above the houses
in Isolaccia. At almost one hundred metres high, this is one of the most beautiful water features in Alta Valtellina. Isolaccia is also home to a rock gym, a favourite with climbers. The Bormio area is in fact a paradise for fans of sport climbing, thanks to its single- and multi-pitch routes, which include the Falesia Naturale Outdoor Bagni Vecchi and Canano, also ideal for novices.

Bormio, the city of towers
The symbol of Bormio is Kuerc, the trapezoidalshaped amphitheatre in Piazza Cavour justice used to be administered. This city stands out for its many religious buildings, with the collegiate church of San Gervasio and San Protasio and the Church of Santo Crocefisso, one of the oldest in the city. 8. Bormio is also the “city of towers”, with no fewer than 32. The most famous are the tower of Bajona or "delle Ore”, the reference to "hours” due to the enormous bell it used to house. The 24-metre tall Alberto tower is made entirely from exposed grey stone, with the typical ashlar effect produced by large cornerstones. A tour of the city can be completed with a visit to the Civic Museum in Palazzo De Simoni or the Natural Mineralogy Museum, with its large, fine collection of crystals and fossils from Valtellina and display of scale dioramas with examples of local fauna.



1. Bike park. The Bike park in Bormio is a paradise for downhill, freeride and cross-country fans. It has seven downhill trails and a freeride track that comes down from Bormio 3000 to Santa Caterina: 13 kilometres of adrenaline in the Stelvio Park. Services also include a mountain bike school, gravity camp and bike rental.

2. A meal fit for a king. Valtellina cuisine offers tourists a journey through taste from the comfort of their dining table. From cured meats, of which bresaola is king, through “sciatt” (cheese fritters), to the famous “pizzoccheri” pasta, and main courses of venison accompanied by polenta and, as a sweet finale, a serving of bisciola, the local bread with raisin.

3. Art and culture. Worth a visit are the very fine church of San Gallo in Premàdio and the church of Santi Martino e Urbano in Pedenosso, mentioned in writings as far back as 1334 and rebuilt in 1685. In Valle di Fraéle, the Cancano dam and San Giacomo artificial lake at the bottom of the valley are the site of the two Fraele Towers, once used as lookout points for defence of the Bormio area.

4. An idea for the winter. In Arnoga, winter dogsledding and summer husky trekking along the “Decauville” is a fun activity that follows the old disused railway line to the
Cancano road.

5. For kids. Valdidentro is ideal for kids of any age. Many summer activities are organised for the 4 to 14 age group in the sports centres in Isolaccia and Semogo: creative workshops, sports, games and excursions. This is the perfect way for kids to learn about the mountain while having fun.

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