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Concarena, Gavia and Mortirolo: adventures on foot and by bike

The new “Parco Locale di Interesse Sovracomunale delle Dolomiti Camune” is a protected area with a wealth of hidden, wild landscapes off the beaten track, like the Concarena massif, ideal for mountaineers or hikers looking for unusual experiences and not just simple excursions.


Harsh, magnificent scenery and a sensation of getting away from it all dominate the maze-like meanderings of foothills, spurs and crests that culminate in the Cima della Bacchetta. Tourist attractions in the Valle Camonica are rounded out by the legendary mountain passes of the Giro d’Italia, especially Mortirolo and Gavia.

Where the woods end and adventure begins
Vertical rock walls tower seemingly forever upwards over woods, demanding gorges,
and a backdrop that form a real maze of stone and forest. This is the uphill route to the Cima della Bacchetta della Concarena, a little-known, very difficult climb to this peak that takes four and a half hours and calls for experienced, trained mountaineers. Fascinating and mysterious, the Concarena offers many as yet almost unexplored areas that do not even appear on maps.

Hikes and thrilling climbs
The simplest tours are: the 2 and a half hour hike in Val Varadega (apart from the last part); the 2-hour one from Mortirolo to Monte Pagano; the 3-hour walk to the Laghi Seroti da Monno, an uphill hike requiring great care. Those who prefer more strenuous, high-altitude jaunts taking several days, can try the trail from Case di Viso to the small glacier at Sforzellina sul Gavia, which follows mule tracks, World War One paths and mountain refuges.



1. Culture. To see: the Naquane national park of rock engravings and the the MUPRE museum telling the history of Val Camonica and its people.

2. Food and wine. From Ono San Pietro and Cerveno to Losine, along the ancient Via Valeriana halfway up the slope of the Concarena taking in green vineyards, fields, fragrant meadows and winery visits.

3. Traditions. The start of autumn in Ono San Pietro sees firing of the Calchera, the old lime furnace, and ten days of initiatives linked to what used to be a true craft.

4. Sports. Discovering the area on horseback, with all its beautiful natural, artistic and cultural sights.

5. Fishing. Those who prefer crystal clear water will enjoy fishing along the Oglio River or in one of the many streams.

Take me here: Concarena, Gavia and Mortirolo: adventures on foot and by bike

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