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10 Good Reasons to Visit Sondrio

The following pages propose 10 good reasons to visit Sondrio. It is the ideal destination if you love nature and good cuisine. Here are 10 suggestions for visiting this province!

The area of Valtellina is famous for its mountains and proposals for every season. Its four ski zones will make winter sports fans happy, they can engage in alpine and skiing, snowparks and snow walking. In summertime, you can go trekking, cycling, canoeing and rafting in itineraries suited for everybody.

Head to the Stelvio National Park, the largest in the country, giving you the chance to gaze upon a few chamoises on its peaks or perhaps a groundhog or a fox along the way. Discover all the peaks of Parco Paradiso and castles with PeakVisor app

Climb to higher altitudes without effort by getting a ticket for the Bernina rhaetian railway and admire the imposing scenery of the Morterartsch Glacier, reaching a 2000 meters altitude. 

If you wish to relax the whole day, dive into Bormio and the warm thermal waters of its structures while enjoying the view of the Alps.

To better know this zone, choose the Wine and Flavor Trails of Lombardy and try local delicacies. Taste bresaola, polenta taragna and bitto cheese at the rock excavations of Valchiavenna.

Or savor a plate of pizzoccheri made with seasonal ingredients and enjoy your vacation in the Region.

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