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Ice skating in Lombardy

Here's where you can twirl amusement and some fall.

Ice Skating is a very popular winter sport in Italy, particularly in the northern mountain resorts.

Spending a family holiday on the snow is the right time to have the chance to experience ice skating. A very engaging activity that suits all, even children, particularly because it is fun and engaging, both for those who can pirouette like the great skating champions, but also for anyone simply wishing to enjoy sliding over the frozen lake with skates under their feet.

In Lombardy there are many ski resorts equipped with natural or artificial ice skating rinks, that offer skate rentals.

At the Aprica Centre, in Valtellina, one skates on a large open air rink, which can even be used in the evenings thanks to its floodlighting system.

At the covered ice rink in Bormio, one can enjoy skating, but also other sports such as curling and hockey.

Even in Livigno, a celebrated ski resort in Valtellina, there are ice skating facilities. And in particular at the indoor amusement park called Fun Park, where children have the chance to spend a day on the ice, with games and plenty of laughter.

In the Brembana Valley, Foppolo has plenty of leisure activity facilities, including an ice rink. Carona instead offers the chance of plunging into its natural habitat, on a skating rink that borders the cross-country ski circuit around the lake.

Ponte di Legno and Tonale are two other mountain resorts where one can slide freely over the ice.

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