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Famous uphill cycling routes: Valfurva

Villages, parks and nature reserves.

Trails that rise gently up along riverbanks and strenuous hiking routes. Uphill stretches on bikes that have written the history of cycling. Glaciers and majestic peaks, with the Ortles-Cevedale massif towering above them all. With its splendid mountains and valleys, Valfurva has something for everyone, the ideal holiday in a truly exceptional setting in terms of scenery and fauna.

A trip around Ortles-Cevedale
At the foot of the Ortles-Cevedale, Santa Caterina di Valfurva is the most important village in the valley and one of the most popular winter resorts for alpine skiers, as well as being the starting point for a number of natural trails. Hiking routes that start from here give tourists a chance to get to know this area, inside the Parco dello Stelvio, the park where nature is still unspoilt and home to a huge variety of Alpine fauna.

The spectacle of the great glaciers
The Confinale circular trail connects wild Val Zebrù, Valle dei Forni, with the glacier of the same name, and Valle Cedec, with its surprising lunar landscape and is suitable for those looking for a more genuine mountain experience. This is a multi-stage trail for hikers or mountain bikers. Far from the stress of city life, it takes in glaciers, valleys, woods and the Parco dello Stelvio. Along the way, the mountain refuges Branca, Casati, Pizzini, V Alpini and Forni are the perfect stopovers at the end of each stage, offering a
chance to enjoy the typical dishes of these valleys.

Famous uphill cycling routes
Santa Caterina is also an excellent starting point for fans of road cycling and mountain bikes, with plenty of trails winding their way through nature. They have varying degrees of difficulty and are some of the most spectacular in the Alps. For expert freeride fans, there is a route that goes up as far as the majestic Forni glacier, while less expert cyclists can pedal through the woods of Parco Isola or along the Valtellina trail. Valfurva is
also famous for its uphill climbs, through the great mountain passes where the Giro d’Italia is often raced, such as: the climb up to the Gavia pass, a renowned destination much prized by cycling fans.

Almost up to the sky: Falesie dei Forni
For those who prefer climbing to pedalling, the Falesie dei Forni are perfect, easy to reach and especially popular on sunny summer days. Divided into five neighbouring sectors, they offer climbs of varying difficulties: from easy trails, excellent also for children wanting to learn and for beginners, to medium-difficulty ones with some nice obvious holds. Plus other, slightly steeper, more technical climbs are available for those with more experience.

Valdisotto, gateway to the “Magnifica terra”
Not far from Valfurva is Valdisotto, also known as the “gateway to the Magnificent Land”: a very narrow natural corridor, through which the River Adda flows. A wealth of woodland, rivers, little lakes and natural water springs just waiting to be explored on foot or by mountain bike. Summer is the perfect season for walks through the Stelvio National Park and Paluaccio Nature Reserve, with a natural vegetation of sphagnum moss, the miniscule plants behind the creation of peat bogs, sundew and bog cranberry,
and invertebrate fauna typical of marshlands. An easy path takes visitors through the reserve in the company of expert naturalists who can provide all the information necessary about this particular environment, a true treasure chest of biodiversity. The
Paluaccio reserve is close to Oga, near Forte Venini, a military fortress built in the early twentieth century, perfect for retracing the historyof World War One.



1. Wonderful Nordic Walking. Nordic Walking is perfect for those wanting to discover the forests in Valfurva while staying in shape. Group excursions are organised every
week in Santa Caterina, based on the physical fitness of participants. The many trails have varying difficulty levels to suit everyone: from the most expert mountain climbers to beginners and families.

2. Museum of life in the mountains. The Vallivo Valfurva "Mario Testorielli” Museum in Sant'Antonio in Valfurva houses a rich collection of historical and ethnographic exhibits illustrating the history, culture and traditions of country life and crafts. The museum rooms also feature sections dedicated to clothing, school, transport and sacred art, plus a series of relics from World War One, in particular from the battles fought on Monte San Matteo.

3. Li flama de San Lorenz. The bonfire in San Lorenzo is one of the historic traditions in the village of Oga. Every year on the night of 9 August, various bonfires are lit in different places in the town, the most spectacular being the one organised on the natural balcony of Tadé, at an altitude of 1900 metres.

4. Children. Relaxing holidays for adults and fun for the kids. Wooden games, grassy areas and a trail to follow on foot or bike are the favourite things in Parco Isola at Santa Caterina. Here, children can play in total freedom, surrounded by the wonders of nature.

5. The thrill of speed. After a long walk following the pace of nature, shift up a gear and try the thrill of speed in a go-kart. The Capitania track in Valdisotto, the only one in the Alta Valtellina, is open to all, adults and kids alike and is a chance even for beginners to
experience thrilling speed in totally safe conditions.

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