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Museums in Lombardy

Some suggestions on museums to visit in Milan and outside the Lombard capital

Museums in Lombardy. All the necessary information to engage in cultural tourism is available in this section. Visiting museums in Lombardy gives you access to a wide range of temporary and permanent exhibitions. 

Milan has something for everyone. The Planetarium, the Science and Natural History Museums will astonish visitors. Painting lovers must pay a visit to the Royal Palace, the Modern Gallery, the Contemporary Art Pavilion and the artworks of Caravaggio, Raphael and others in the Brera picture galleries

By leaving the regional metropolis you get the chance of visiting fascinating museums. 

Mantua is the Italian culture capital for 2016, offering more than one museum to see. Bergamo hosts the Carrara Art Academy, with paintings by Botticelli, Bellini, Tiepolo and Canaletto. 

Those who think this might be boring should check the peculiar structures that Lombardy offers to curiosity seekers. Did you know that the famous Guzzi motorcycle brand has its own exhibition space in Lecco? Then are the houses of Andrea Mantegna and Alessandro Manzoni near the shores of Lake Como, open to the public, plus museums dedicated to comics, footwear and even bread. 

Still not sure about what to see? No worries, Lombardy counts plenty of exhibit spaces for every taste.

Take me here: Museums in Lombardy

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