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Cremona drone effect

Booked a weekend in Cremona? Then you can’t afford to miss piazza del Comune, the stunning heart of the city’s historic centre.

The masterpieces surrounding the piazza – all of them featuring similar architecture and colours – are among the most beautiful in Italy, making for a truly sumptuous setting.

Star of the show is undoubtedly the Cathedral, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. The original Romanesque façade has been altered over the years, with Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque influences added. Situated right beside the cathedral, the octagonal Baptistery is also worth a visit, representing as it does an example of Medieval commune-era architecture.

Next on the list is a trip to the famed Torrazzo – the true symbol of the city – whose seven bells ring out the so-called “Concert of the Saints” in A-flat. At 122 metres in height, it is the tallest brick tower in Europe, with 502 steps in total. Once you reach the top, the drone-effect view of the city is without equal. Still want more tips?

The jewel in the crown of the Torrazzo is the unique astronomical clock, made by the master clock makers Giovanni Battista and Giovanni Francesco Divizioli – a father-son duo every bit as talented as fellow Cremona-born Renaissance giant Janello Torriani – in 1583. This masterpiece of engineering still works perfectly, but must be wound up by hand every day.

The four hands indicate the time, day, moon phase, month, constellations and signs of the zodiac. The complex mechanism was made to allow everybody – especially the peasants – to be aware of the movements of the sun and moon, so that they would know when to sew seed and start to harvest.

Info: turismocremona.it

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