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Brescia in a weekend

From the Roman Brixia to the Opera Festival. Discover Brescia in 48 hours. A journey through time, between culture, passion and nightlife

The Roman town of Brixia. The Renaissance piazzas. Great events. The historic “Mille Miglia” race... This is Brescia, a Lioness that looks to the future with firm roots in the past. Two ways to discover it starting from afar.

Explore the Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site: a unique path through an area of over 4,000 square meters, in the middle of the cityscape. Venture into the underground of Palazzo Martinengo Cesaresco, where Brixia becomes a virtual experience, among 3D exhibits and augmented reality. A show within the show.

A tour of the piazzas. Visit the square dedicated to Pope Paul VI and discover that the city does not have one Duomo (cathedral), but two. The “New” one, with its white late Baroque façade, and the “Old” one, over a thousand years old: its Romanesque tambour is one of the few remaining intact in Italy. A little farther on, Piazza della Loggia, similar to a Venetian salon, bears the marks of the genius of two 16th century architects, Sansovino and Palladio. Not to be missed: the Clock Tower with its astronomical dial, a wonder of technology and art.

A theatre city. Hundreds of artists, more than 50 city venues, tens of thousands of people. In September, from daybreak to midnight, the “Festa dell’Opera” brings opera music into the streets of Brescia, its theatres and its most ancient places, in restaurants and in backyards, in museums and factories. A festival that is at once learned and popular, organised by the Teatro Grande, a temple of Italian Opera.

The most exciting race in the world. The “Mille Miglia”: Brescia to Rome and back. It has been run every year since 1927: 450 historic cars from 41 countries, the roar of engines, elegance and sophistication. “A travelling museum unlike anything else in the world,” in the words of Enzo Ferrari. The race is held in the second half of May. Don’t miss it! Those who cannot be there can visit the Mille Miglia Museum in Santa Eufemia della Fonte.

From the Wine Routes to Catullus. Brescia and its surroundings. For demanding gourmets, we suggest a day trip to Franciacorta, renowned the world over for the excellence of its traditional method sparkling wines. In September, during the “Festival di Franciacorta”, losing yourself among its rolling hills in search of the perfect cuvée, between art, tastes and music could become addictive. Also, don’t miss a weekend on Lake Garda: in Sirmione, for example, where you can explore the Grotte di Catullo. With the lake in the background, it is the perfect close for your ideal journey in time.

The city of Vespasian, the loungelike squares, the most popular “Festa dell’Opera” in the world, the roar of engines, Franciacorta. Brescia, five reasons to be won over

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