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A Day in Pavia

When organizing your trip to Lombardy do not forget to visit Pavia

Can you spend only a day in Pavia?

Let us suggest what to see in a day in Pavia. Regardless of the time you have, this cultural tourism itinerary will get you to its most representative landmarks.

It is just 30 minutes from Milan by train, plus its Railway station is in the historic center, specially convenient if you arrive on a foggy day. Go left and find yourselves in a tree-lined avenue leading to the Visconti Castle, a prime example of Renaissance architecture built between 1360 and 1365 by orders of Galeazzo II. Visit its halls and rest at the garden beside it.

Once you are done, take the pedestrian street of Strada Nuova and walk among its shops and alleys.

You will stumble upon the University, one of the oldest in Europe and Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, where three of one hundred towers that comprised the urban skyline still stand.

The cafés surrounding the campus are ideal for having lunch while we recommend to go near the Duomo for a cup of coffee. 

Do not miss the opportunity of visiting the Certosa and discover its spaces with the guidance of the monks that dwell in it. 

Culinary and cultural tourism come together with tasting sessions at the wine cellars of Oltrepò Pavese.

Consider these options about what to see in a day in Pavia. They will give you unparalleled experiences. 

Take me here: A Day in Pavia

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