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Museums Cremona

The museums, a meeting with the culture and with the history of Cremona

Museums Cremona. This city and its provincial countryside are a relevant cultural hub, harboring some of the most peculiar museums in Lombardy waiting to be discovered. 

Tourism in Cremona starts with the Violin Museum, celebrating local violinmaking tradition by narrating its origins and picturing the work of its artisans. It allows visitors to admire unique pieces of Stradivarius violins.

By visiting museums in Cremona it is possible to have access to structures such as the Ala Ponzone Picture Gallery, which displays the artworks of Campi, Boccaccino, and Bembo. It also showcases Giuseppe Arcimboldi's famous painting "L'ortolano".

Amid the available museums in Lombardy, there is the Archaeological one inside the San Lorenzo Basilica and the Chapel of Meli, plus the museums of Natural History and Rural Culture. 

Consider visiting the Historical Archives and the Chamber of Commerce, guarding ancient manuscripts that narrate the evolution of the area's productive activities, along with the Lauretano and Berenziano exhibiting grounds.

Enjoy tourism in Cremona by going to its neihgboring cities of Crema, Casalmaggiore and Pescarolo, both boasting the Bijou and Linen museums. End with a visit to the Fortress of Soncino and its galleries dedicated to printing.   

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