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Castles in Valtellina

A dive into the past between castles and towers in Valtellina

Historic residences, museums and churches: get a hold of all the culture that Castles in Valtellina have to offer!

Discover these fortified structures on top of scenic ridges and let the valley museums captivate you with a route that embraces peasant culture, art, local flora and fauna, mineralogy and prehistory thanks to the archaeological heritage of the Grosio Rock Engravings Park.

Each of the 78 Municipalities of the Valtellina offers various hints for cultural tourism in Lombardy among historical XVIth and XVIIth century buildings and over 500 churches. Visiting these towns is an essential journey into the area's historic memory and cultural wealth.

Admire the countless strongholds that are present in the most suggestive points: the medieval Castel Masegra in Sondrio or the Paribelli Castle of Albosaggia. 

The remains of Castel De Piro in Valtellina's Grumello di Montagna face the terraced vineyards where the Valtellina Superiore DOCG wine is produced, while the Tower De li Beli Miri stands on the back of the Teglio.

If you visit Bormio you will stumble upon Torre delle Ore in the downtown square of Piazza Cavour. Then there is Castello De Simoni, which harbors the municipality, while the Tower of Segname between the localities of Gordona and Samolaco, stands tall at the Valchiavenna.

From Valdidentro to Teglio, from Valmalenco to Chiuro and Mello: so much evidence of the past that includes the cities of Chiavenna and Tirano with the remains of the walls erected by Ludovico Sforza. Visit the defensive structures built during World War I, such as Fort Montecchio Nord or those of Fuentes, Colico or the Gallery of Mina di San Fedele in Verceia.

Take me here: Castles in Valtellina

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