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Visiting Cremona is cheap!

Entry to all the town's museums with a combined cheap ticket

Visiting Cremona is cheap! Entry to all the town's museums with a combined cheap ticket.

A combined ticket to enter the Violin's Museum, the Civic Museum “Ala Ponzone” and the Archaeological Museum:  14,00 euros instead of 16,00 and a combined ticket to enter all the Civic Museums and the Violin's Museum, receiving also the Welcome Card for the total cost of 22,00 euros.

The Welcome Card is the town's card and it offers a series of discounts in the shops, restaurants, hotels and theaters and a guided tour in the historic center every Saturday and Sunday at 2.30 p.m. for, at least, 6 adults.
The cost of all the other tickets, instead, is still the same.  

The combined ticket that allows to visit the Violin's Museum, the Town Museum “Ala Ponzone” and the Archaeological Museum can be purchased in the museums and at the all'Infopoint.
The one to be purchased with the welcome card will be sold only at the Infopoint in the Municipality Square.

One single card to appreciate in a simple way all the beauties of Cremona.
50 conventions for discounts on exhibitions, shopping, restaurants and tourist-cultural services: it is the Welcome Card of Cremona, the pass specifically invented for those who love the town.
Cheap and easy, the Welcome Card is available at only 10 euros at the Infopoint of the Municipality Square, it lasts twelve months and it allows to enter the museums and the monuments with some discounts, obtaining also special prices in different shops, restaurants and hotels in Cremona. A free guided tour organized by the Infopoint is included.

Ph. Salvo Liuzzi Photographer

Infopoint Cremona - Piazza del Comune 5
+ 39 0372 407081 - info.turismo@comune.cremona.it


Take me here: Visiting Cremona is cheap!

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