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Online i modelli di Stradivari dell’MdV

Stradivari's models of the Violin's Museum are online
The Violin's Museum enhances its presence on  Google Arts & Culture, the technological platform developed by Google to promote and safeguard culture online.

The first phase of the works, started in 2015, allowed to digitalize twelve precious music instruments by Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri. Now, on the occasion of the international enhancement of the Platform for the International Museum Day 2020 (link), it is ready a new section dedicated to the moulds, models, drawings and tools used by Antonio Stradivari in his workshop.
•    Two centuries of violin-making
•    Antonio Stradivari

Using the technology of Google Street View it is possible to have a virtual tour (360 degrees) of the Auditorium Giovanni Arvedi and of the precious collections on display at Palazzo dell’Arte.
At the Violin's Museum it is possible to discover the five sense of Cremona violin-making tradition through the direct meeting with some great violin-makers – Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri – and their masterpieces, following a track of creativity and territory that goes from the late Renaissance till nowadays.
•    Street View

In the section of Google Cultural Institute dedicated to the Violin's Museum, it is proposed the digital exhibition Antonio Stradivari – drawings, models, moulds by the curator Fausto Cacciatori,
author of the complete re-qualification of the collection and curator of the detailed catalogue published in 2016.
In the digital selection presented, the rich heritage becomes, also through the visit in Stradivari's Workshop at the Violin's Museum, a remain of a manufacturing season that includes a longer period that goes beyond the decades of activity of the famous violin-maker, providing us with a specialized and rich historic analysis.  
•    The workshop of Antonio Stradivari

Moulds, models, drawings, tools used by Antonio Stradivari and today on display at the Violin's Museum: they can offer a fundamental and unique contribution to the knowledge of the great violin-maker and of his masterpieces. The majority of them were donated to Cremona Municipality in 1930 by Giuseppe Fiorini. This violin-maker from Bologna had bought this precious collection, ten years before, from the heirs of the Earl Cozio di Salabue, who had received it from Paolo Stradivari, the youngest son of Antonio.  Some objects, instead, come from Ceruti workshop and they were donated to the town in 1898. Still nowadays, the objects represent a model for the makers coming from all round the world.  
Ph. Cristian Chiodelli

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