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Bergamo Photo Gallery

An area to be discovered and visited

This Bergamo Photo Gallery describes a vast and very diverse territory that waits to be visited. This art city is divided by an Upper and a Lower part, making it the perfect destination for cultural tourism in Lombardy. But that is not all, it offers a varied natural scenery, culinary traditions, events, relaxing solutions and splendid landscapes.

Representing the Region's tourist destinations with comprehensive galleries is the goal of this project. These pictures have been taken by local communities, who else could portray them in a better way? 

The following photo gallery displays some of Upper Bergamo's artistic and architectural wonders, its museums, starting with the Carrara Academy. Furthermore, enjoy the exciting allure of nature, which blends both plains and mountains in this Province (Val Brembana, Valcalepio, etc.) and the imposing Bergamasque Alps.

We would like to recommend a visit Lake d'Iseo, its delightful boroughs and so many opportunities to enjoy experiences that usually are not available in usual tourism venues. Treat yourselves to the wellness centers of the San Pellegrino thermal baths or to some of the zone's delicacies: DOP cheeses, top quality meat and wines.

Don't take our word for it! Browse these images and get inspiration for your next trip in Lombardy. This initiative has been made with the precious collaboration of VisitBergamo, Bergamo's own tourism promotion agency.

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