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Castles Brescia

From Sirmione to Breno, from Desenzano to Padernello, a journey through the fortified manors to the discovery of local history

Castles Brescia. The following guide will assist you in finding some of the Province's peculiar castles.

Lombardy boasts numerous fortifications scattered all over its territory, making it an ideal destination for whoever wishes to engage in cultural tourism. 

Brescia counts with a series structures that are certainly worth visiting, castles such as the famous Brescia Castle are quite popular with tourists. It has a drawbridge and entrance gate that will give you access to a few of the best kept secrets that castles in Lombardy often guard.

You will walk among halls full of history and musems installed inside the structure. Ancient weapons, armors and war equipment make part of its permanent exhibition. A real journey to the past.

Discover the castles of Brescia and neighboring localities. Tourism in Brescia will also take you outside of the city in order to stumble upon medieval manors and fortresses. The one in Desenzano for example has an inspiring view of Lake Garda, while the one in Oldofredi is in top of a hill at Iseo.

Consider visiting those in Padernello and Quistini. The former is a fortress surrounded by a mote and where it is said that the ghost of the White Lady wanders around its chambers. The latter hosts a greenhouse with more than 1500 rose species.

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