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Summer Guided Tours to the Town's Museums

Summer Guided Tours to the Town's Museums

Starting from Friday the 19th of June and for the entire Summer period, the Pictures' Gallery, the Natural History Museum and  the Archaeological Museum will organize a program of guided tours.
Thanks to these appointments, which will take place in the three museums on Friday, Saturday and Sunday till the end of August, the visitors will discover different art- works, themes and curious aspects that are generally unknown.  The initiative is destined both to the tourists who are starting to visit again the museums and to Cremona's citizens who will have the opportunity to visit the museums in different moments,  listening to new stories.  
If you want to participate to the meetings you need a reservation. The groups must be made up of maximum 10 people and the visits are free  (you must only pay the entrance ticket for the Picture's Gallery and the Archaeological Museum, while the Natural History Museum is always free). For the Museum of Folk Culture “Il Cambonino Vecchio” there is always the possibility to reserve a visit on demand.
Guided tours organized by CrArT
- 19th-20th-21st of June/ 17th-18th-19th of July / 14th-15th-16th of August 
Discovering the Pictures' Gallery through its history and  masterpieces  
- 26th-27th-28th of June - Sigismondo Ala Ponzone and his love for the Renaissance 
- 3rd-4th-5th of July – the 20th Century in the Pictures' Gallery 
- 10th-11th-12th of July - Music in 2D and music in 3D, from the painted instruments to the real ones in the Music's Rooms 
- 24th-25th-26th of July – Female Art, authors and protagonists 
- 31st of July-1st-2nd of August – The wooden art, Platina and his framework 
- 7th-8th-9th of August - San Domenico salvato, San Domenico in the Pictures’ Gallery 
- 21st-22nd-23rd of August – A comparison of different collectors 
- 28th-29th-30th of August – Eating with your eyes, not only still life
Opening hours: Friday at 9 p.m., Saturday and Sunday at 3.30 p.m. 
Cost: free guided tour, with the museum's ticket. Reservation is necessary (deadline: two hours before the beginning of the guided tour): 0372 407770 (maximum 10 people)
Friday at 4 p.m. - From the territory to the museum - Un PO di natura
A guided tour to discover the rich heritage of our territory. An overview on how and where you can find biodiversity, an element that we must learn to know,  increase and safeguard. The elements seen at the museum will be useful to recognize what you observe when you go for a walk in the places that we are going to describe. The Museum will allow you to compare the animals of our territory with those coming from other parts of the world.
Sunday at 11 a.m. - From the territory to the museum - Un PO di natura 
Beginning at  the park Colonie Padane: we propose a short path along the river Po to discover some aspects of the rich heritage offered by our territory and its biodiversity, an element that we must learn to know, increase and safeguard.
Free guided tour. Reservation is necessary (deadline: two hours before the start of the guided tour): 0372 407768 (maximum 10 people)
Guided tours by Target Turismo
Friday - Tales at the sunset about ancient Cremona - at 8.30 p.m.
- 19th of June and 7th of August – The daily life in the domus del Ninfeo
- 26th of June and 14th of August  - The Roman mosaic: history and technique
- 3rd of July and 21st of August - Dei and heroes of Roman Cremona  
- 10th of July and 28th of August – Meli Chapel between past and present 
- 17th of July – St. Lorenzo Church and  monastery 
- 24th of July – Culinary Art in ancient Rome 
- 31st of July – Ladies in ancient Cremona: pictures and daily life
Saturday and Sunday guided tour to the Archaeological Museum at 11.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. - A fascinating path about the daily life in the ancient Cremona and about the history of our origins.
Cost: free guided tour, with the museum's ticket. Reservation is necessary (deadline: two hours before the start of the guided tour ): 0372 407081 - 347 6098163 (maximum 10 people).

Info: www.musei.comune.cremona.it

Take me here: Summer Guided Tours to the Town's Museums

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