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The device Samsung Gear, called Oculus, allows the Archaeological Museum’s visitors to live and enjoy, through a special pair of glasses, the virtual view of the domus and of its rooms.
Using it, you will enter three different rooms that are very interesting for their plans and for the quantity and quality of the objects that they contain: the peristyle, the butlery and the bedroom known as "Arianna room", because of the paintings on the walls.
The users can use the device in a very simple way: if you watch one single point in the room, you can enter and visit it.
First of all, to set the application up, it was necessary to buy the pictures and the graphic project made for the publication Amoenissimis aedificiis. The excavation in Marconi Square in Cremona (Mantova, 2017). Then, these pictures were revised and adapted for this new tool. Some specific texts were drafted.

All the particular elements represented, all the aspects concerning the plan, the general structure and the decorations of the house, have as point of reference the discoveries in the excavations in Marconi Square and the interpretation deriving from more recent studies.

This is not a product concerning a generic domus of Roman age, but a precise reconstruction of what was found in the excavations in Marconi Square, which are considered among the main and most important archaeological projects of the last decades in Northern Italy.

Ph. Giovanni Tagini

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