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The Longobard heritage of Pavia

A journey of discovery to uncover the ancient civilisation of the Longobards through the history of the city of Pavia.

Pavia is located 35km to the south of capital of Lombardy. It is a city with ancient origins that has behind left an important artistic, cultural and historical heritage. 

Turning through the pages of its history, we read of a population that was extremely successful in celebrating the greatness and importance of this city: the civilisation of the Longobards.  

To understand their importance in the area of Pavia, we need to travel back in time - to the year 572, to be precise.

The Longobards arrived in Lombardy, conquered the city and gave it the name Papia, from which the modern name Pavia is derived. Their dominion lasted for two centuries and transformed the historic city into the capital of the kingdom, surpassing Milan, Brescia, and Monza. It became a cultural centre and a major road junction for trade. 

Thanks to the famous queen Teodolinda, the Longobards converted to Catholicism, which led to the construction of many churches and monasteries. Although they faced difficulties due to the passage of time and catastrophic events, these buildings can still be rediscovered today thanks to the traces and remains still visible around the city.  

Tracing the history of this people means understanding the legacy of the cultural tradition of the ancient world, through the streets and lanes of a city that was once considered the beating heart of an entire population. 

All that's left to do is get ready, strap in, and set off on a journey to discover Pavia, the city of the Longobards. Destination: 6th century AD!

Take me here: The Longobard heritage of Pavia

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