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Castles and fortifications around Lake Como

Due to the location of Lake Como it was used as a main trade route in Roman times between central Europe and Rome, this played a major role in its history ensuring prosperity but unfortunately it also lured a succession of foreign invaders.

Because of its position as a bounder area the lake was of also of great strategically of great importance. There are various remains that testify this role such as the presence of castles, towers and fortresses of various ages, from the early Middle Ages till the beginning of the IX Century and the first World War.

Around the territory you can find several fortifications; on western coast you can find Castello Baradello in Como and Castello di Rezzonico in San Siro; on the eastern coast of Lake Como you can find the Castello di Corenno Plinio and the Tower of Orezia in Dervio, close to Castello di Vezio above Varenna, then find in an ancient alley of Mandello del Lario the Tower of Barbarossa in Maggiana. 

In the town of Lecco there is the Torre Viscontea, and in Calolziocorte you can find the Castello di Rossino, in Vercurago the Castello dell’Innominato and the Castello di Brivio on Adda river. Forte Fuentes and Forte Montecchio Nord protect the northern part of the territory.

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