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Ski touring in Valmalenco

Valmalenco is a synonym to ski touring. Every spot of the valley is suitable for nice ascents.

Valmalenco is a synonym to ski touring. Every spot of the valley is suitable for nice ascents. Easy ascents along the traditional paths, mapped out more than one century ago, or challenging ascents that are rarely attempted. This happens in a high mountain environment, able to satisfy the crave for adventure, nature and physical and spiritual freedom. About fifteen cozy mountain huts and several bivouacs allow skiers to enjoy this fascinating experience in total safety.

Below you will find some classic ski touring itineraries in Valmalenco. This is a brief presentation, so please remember to inform yourself about the actual conditions of each itinerary and do not forget the rules of behavior for personal safety provided for winter outings in a snowy environment. The proposed itineraries always vary depending on the snow and weather conditions, so we invite you to consult the local snow-weather report or ask for more information and advice from the Valmalenco Alpine Guides.


Departure point: Chiareggio 1593 m
Difference in altitude: 1504 m
Duration: 4,30 h
This is one of the most classic itineraries in the area, though not an overly challenging one. Not to be underestimated, though – a large part takes place on a glacier. The ascent to Pizzo Cassandra requires a minimum of Alpine hiking and skiing skills. 

PASSO di MELLO 2992 m
Departure point: Chiareggio 1593 m
Difference in altitude: 1400 m
Duration: 4.30 h
Less popular than Val Ventina, Val Sissone stretches into the heart of the Disgrazia. Reaching the pass requires some Alpine hiking and skiing skills. 

Departure point: Chiareggio 1593 m
Difference in altitude: 1385 m
Duration: 3.30 h
A sun-kissed spot (even in the morning) and the slope going down to Chiareggio offers an exhilarating descent. 

Departure point: San Giuseppe, chairlift parking 1500 m
Difference in altitude: 900 m
Duration: 2.30 h
CAI Valmalenco, in cooperation with Sondrio CM, has mapped out this
beautiful itinerary to reach the summit of Alpe Palù facilities in total safety. 

Departure point: Sasso Nero chairlift arrival point 2350 m
Difference in altitude: 570 m (1400 m from San Giuseppe)
Duration: 1.30 h (4 from San Giuseppe)
Taking advantage of the chairlifts, the altitude decreases to reach the summit which, in the centre of Valmalenco, offers an extraordinary panorama. 

Departure point: Campo Moro 1933 m
Difference in altitude: 700 m
Duration: 2.30 h
In full view of Mt Bernina’s 4000 meters. Once skiers reach the Bocchetta, they  can veer left to reach the peak of Monte delle Forbici. 

Departure point: Campo Moro 1940 m
Difference in altitude: 1383 m (1260 m to the smaller hill)
Duration: 4.30 h
A well-known and popular itinerary, a classic one. The ascent from the ski depot to the peak requires care, but the intrepid will be rewarded with a gorgeous view. 

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