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10 good reasons to visit Como

Allow us to suggest 10 good reasons to visit Como. Although this territory needs no introductions, there might still be a few who probably have not visited it yet. Thus, we prepared 10 ideas that will help you plan a good vacation in this land.

The historic center faces the lakeshore, with the Cathedral or Duomo serving as a reference point. You could walk along the medieval walls or admire local landmarks like the Volta Temple, dedicated to the life and work of the inventor of batteries, or Villa Olmo and the prestigious art exhibitions it harbors. 

We are sure that the natural landscape and outdoor spaces will be reason enough for you to fall in love with it.

At Piazza De Gasperi, you can hop in a cable car that will take you to Brunate and its panoramic sighting points at a 700 meters altitude. 

Trekking enthusiasts will find paths suited for all skill levels. The Green Way is perfect for beginners. The "4 valleys" pathway is 50 km long, recommended for experienced visitors. If you wish to venture for a couple days in the countryside, choose the Dorsale del Triangolo Lariano itinerary.

Go on a brief cruise if you want to relax watching magnificent villas and gardens by the shore. Furthermore, boats are a convenient way of transportation during your stay.

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