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Brebbia and the pipe factory

In the province of Varese, wet from Lake Maggiore, well protected by a hilly setting hidden from the wind and sudden storms

The town of Brebbia is reached easily from provincial road SP50 that links Ispra to Varese, and also from secondary roads, more suited to cycling, which connect this town with the nearby lakes of Monate and Comabbio.

Brebbia's main monument is an exquisite piece of Romanesque art: the church of Saints Peter and Paul is a beautiful building dating back to the end of the 12th century, built with blocks of serizzo, granite and Angera stone.

Inside, splendid 15th century frescoes show the stories of the Passion of Christ and the life of S. Giulio, while in the apse above the altar, visitors can admire a beautiful Christ Pantocrator in the mandorla. Legend has it that this church was founded in ancient times by Saint Giulio himself, who preached the gospel throughout the Alpine foothills around Lake Maggiore with his brother, Giuliano.

Not far from the church, going towards Besozzo, cyclists can also visit an interesting museum dedicated to the production of tobacco pipes. It is located in the locality Bosco Grosso, next to the existing pipe factory and not far from the Bardello River and a network of paths suitable for mountain bikes. 

Mountain bike riders are advised to take the trails up to Laghetasc, a small pond located in a charming natural setting between the towns of Brebbia and Ispra. There are paths and roads with little traffic that lead to Lake Maggiore in the locality Sabbie d'Oro, which is connected in turn to other interesting areas, through easy to ride paths.

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