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Where to keep cool in Lombardy

If you are looking to cool down a little in the summer heat, here are a few suggestions.

Far from the heat of the city, even Lombardy has places straight out of dreams, with waterfalls and natural slides, enchanted lakes and streams. 


1. The Pozze di Erve pools, with waterfalls and natural slides
Untamed nature, crystal clear water, the Pozze di Erve, just a few kilometres from Lecco at the foot of Monte Resegone, are a symbol of the summer, of boiling heat and a desire to escape and find somewhere to cool down. An ideal place also for walks through unspoilt nature for families with children. Don’t forget your water shoes, towels and a change of costume: the water is freezing, clear and very clean and your kids will not be able to resist. If you want to take a picnic, this is the perfect location, with vast green meadows where you can sit and totally enjoy nature. 

2. Buche di Nese, natural pools in Alzano Lombardo
Peace, chilling and quiet just outside Bergamo. The Buche di Nese, in Alzano Lombardo, are the right choice for a day trip away from the city and the summer heat. A walk in unspoilt nature, enchanting scenery, natural pools for relaxing, and wonderful trails will make you forget all about the hot city. We recommend sneakers and comfortable clothing. Some of the trails are easy, other a little more strenuous. 

3. Bidet della Contessa, the wonderful lake in Val di Mello 
Setting out from San Martino you will gradually discover streams, crystal clear lakes, spectacular waterfalls, sheer walls, meadows and luxuriant woods on your way to the lake known as the “Bidet della Contessa”, the countess’ bidet, an enchanted place for a relaxing day out with the family. Crystal clear green waters that will invite the boldest to take a swim and forget the heat in the city. To reach the lake, you must leave your car in San Martino, and continue on foot or with the shutlle. 

4. In Val Seriana, Val Vertova with streams and waterfalls 
A real corner of paradise, Val Vertova offers wonderful scenery and coolness on days when the city becomes impossible. Different kinds of trails, some of which also suitable for families with kids. The trail follows the stream that winds its way through lots of waterfalls and natural pools worn out of the dolostone rock, called the “giants’ bowls”, among maple, beech and chestnut trees. It is impossible to resist the appeal of this place steeped in nature.

5. In Golasecca, Melissa Beach is a corner of paradise
Taking a day to simply chill does you good every now and again, even more so if it takes you away from the busy hot city for a few hours. So, why not be tempted by the relaxing atmosphere of Melissa Beach? A green meadow for resting and recharging your spent batteries, relaxing in the sun, or for a snooze in a naturally shady area. To stay in contact with nature you can also spread your beach towel out on the grass, or if you prefer chilling in style you can pay for a sunbed and umbrella. Entry to the beach is free of charge.

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