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Mounts San Primo and Palanzone

On the highest peaks of the Triangolo Lariano, visitors will enjoy a 360° view of the Alps and of the Po valley

The many forest paths and trails of mounts San Primo and Palanzone, the highest peaks of the Triangolo Lariano, offer one-day hiking routes for any level of experience. However, the weariness of the ascent is more than rewarded by the awesome views that can be enjoyed from the top.

Altitude hiking
Opposite the Sormano Observatory is the access to a trail that will ultimately take you to the peak of mount Palanzone, after a series of ascents and descents, for the topmost view of Triangolo Lariano. To return, you can follow an alternative trail that leads to Bocchetta di Palanzone, then turn right towards the Rifugio Riella for a short break and then continue along an unpaved road to go back to Colma di Sormano. This walking trip will suit everyone and take approximately 4 hours to complete. For those wishing to climb to the top of mount San Primo, the easiest trail to follow starts from Piano Rancio and reaches up to mount Ponciv, where the quiet Alpe del Borgo can be found, and then continues along a wide ridge leading to the top of mount San Primo.

Mountain biking
Visitors can choose between various local mountain-biking routes to reach San Primo. Among the most charming there is one that climbs from Brunate, one that starts from Albavilla and runs through Capanna Mara, and one that starts from Asso and runs along woods trails, on the flanks of the ridge running between mount Palanzone and mount Falò.


1. Nature trail/1. An interesting botanical route runs from the Pian del Tivano lowland, across the Baracca Alp, to Alpetto di Torno.
2. Nature trail/2. Rezzago’s key attraction is the “Funghi di terra” or ”earth mushrooms”, i.e. natural pyramids formed by water erosion on the right side of the valley crossed by the Rezzago torrent.
3. Culture. In the Palanzo district of the Faggeto Lario municipality, visitors will find an ancient mechanical wine press hosted inside an old rural stone shed.
4. Art. Art lovers will enjoy a visit to a permanent open-air art exhibition dedicated to the Italian painter Giovanni Segantini in the streets of Caglio.
5. Food and wine. A must-taste delicacy for gourmets is the Miascia, a very ancient cake made with stale bread, milk, eggs, sugar, butter, apples or pears, pine nuts and raisins.

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