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Pavia area by bike

Bridges, embankments and vineyards in a land that alternates between hills and the plain.

Stimulating and not impossible on a bike. At the confluence of two magical rivers.

Pavia is a perfect point of departure. As well as the Ticino and Naviglio di Bereguardo, Milan can be reached along the cycle path of the Naviglio Pavese. Or, following the course of the Po, the low plain can be crossed up to the hills of San Colombano al Lambro.

On the third day, a route can be taken between the castles and rice fields of the extraordinary “middle earth” that is Lomellina. Finally, there are the hills of Oltrepò, with Broni, Casteggio, Godiasco Salice Terme and Varzi.



The Certosa of Pavia, the Visconti chapel-mausoleum, a treasure trove of masterpieces of the Lombard Renaissance with frescos by Bergognone. The cloisters are fantastic.


The priceless Renaissance style of Piazza Ducale, with porticos on three sides, with columns, capitals and frescoed vaults. And Bramante’s soaring tower.


In a tribute to the tradition of goose salami, the September Palio stages the Game of the Living Goose, with a board made of wooden boxes.

Ponte della Becca

Made of iron in 1910, at the confluence between the Po and the Ticino, this is an engineering work that changed the skyline of this stretch of river.


Rice arrived at the court of Ludovico il Moro was the centrepiece of the dining tables in the area. For a substantial risotto, better weight until the end of the ride.


The salami that takes its name from the ancient village of Varzi could only have originated on the Salt Road that connected the plain to the sea. To drive away hunger.


From Stradella to Val Versa, from Broni to Casteggio, the limestone clay ridges are dried by the Apennine breezes. For cyclists, there’s a picturesque ascent/descent and good wines.


Once a delightful villa, the castle houses trade fairs and cultural events ranging from the organic to the vintage, from holistic wellness to new technologies.

Via Francigena

The centuries-old route of pilgrims from Canterbury to Rome ran along the Ticino and Po in the Pavia area. Most of it can also be covered on bikes.

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