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Palazzo mozzanica

Also known as the Varesi palace, it is a historic building in the city of Lodi. Its construction dates back to the fifteenth century
  • Art & Culture
Palazzo Mozzanica
378 mt

Piazza della vittoria in lodi

Known as Piazza Maggiore, it is the scenic city center since the municipal era and still today a lively meeting place
  • Art & Culture
Piazza della Vittoria in Lodi
380 mt

Duomo of Lodi

  • Religious Tourism
Duomo of Lodi
440 mt

Teatro alle vigne in lodi

  • Art & Culture
Teatro alle Vigne in Lodi
503 mt

Tempio dell'Incoronata

One of the most beautiful buildings of Renaissance Lombardy, Tempio dell'Incoronata built with the contribution of all social classes
  • Religious Tourism
Tempio dell'Incoronata
511 mt

Bipielle Center

  • Lifestyle
Bipielle Center
670 mt

Cattedrale Vegetale

High 18 meters long and 72 wide 23, the Cattedrale Vegetale of Lodi is a unique work, witness of a marriage between man and nature
  • Art & Culture
Cattedrale Vegetale
1.21 km

Cerreto Abbey. A journey of self-discovery

  • Religious Tourism
Cerreto Abbey, Churches Lodi
7 km

Stargazing at the Observatory

  • Art & Culture
Tour to Mairago's observatory
8.75 km

Bolognini castle

Bolognini Castle has been built in Sant'Angelo Lodigiano (LO), on the shore of the river Lambro; today it is home to three museum.
  • Art & Culture
Bolognini Sant'Angelo Lodigiano Castle
11.14 km

Golf Crema Resort

  • Golf
Golf Crema Resort, Crema (CR)
12.69 km

Village of gradella

Yellow houses, red bricks and short courtyards. Gradella is a delightful village which to discover the treasures, villas and palaces
  • Villages
Village of Gradella
12.88 km

Terme di Miradolo

Waterfalls, emotional showers and massages with chocolate. The hills loved by Petrarca
  • Wellness
Terme di Miradolo
14.76 km