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Brera market sunday antiques in milan

Wandering through the maze of narrow streets that make up Brera, you might find yourself in a rather Parisian atmosphere, almost surreal, certainly far from the klaxons and frenetic city life of the rest of the town.

Brera is in a central part of Milan and is chiefly known for its famous buildings, like the Pinacoteca, and its streets populated by artists, thanks to the presence of its Accademia.

These aspects can be experienced any day, in the tangle of Brera's streets, but on certain Sundays, this district assumes a very special, even more fascinating atmosphere. I refer to the Sundays dedicated to antiques, which year after year are part of the calendar, hinting at an almost old-fashioned picture of Milan.

Every third Sunday of the month, apart from August, Via Fiori Chiari, Via Madonnina and Via Formentini are transformed with stalls selling vintage, jewellery, books and even clothes. This market was founded in 1981 and since then has brought life to the zone, year after year.

From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. you can enjoy the fascination of antique china, telling tales of grandmothers and friendship, you can try on jewellery somewhat retro in style, and you can find that item you thought no longer existed, but which you would still like to have in your home. Upcoming dates are 20th July, 21st September, 19th October and 21st December.

In the evening, Brera returns to its everyday charm, with colourful fortune-tellers, candle sellers and bars and restaurants, which animate it in a way that is both picturesque and subtle.


Author: Irene Cacciola

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