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An ideal destination for holidays, Campodolcino offers tourists an oasis of peace immersed in the beauty of the Alpine landscape.

Campodolcino, traversed by the river Liro and surrounded by high mountains, is one of the most important towns in Vallespluga for both winter and summer visitors.

Consisting of a collection of small hamlets scattered about, Campodolcino is popular for its countless climbs and hikes over the upper valley, the beauty of the mountains that surround it, for its Lago Azzurro (Blue Lake) and its history, renowned since Roman times for its favourable position as a passageway and rest stop on the impervious Spluga trail that leads to Coira.

Campodolcino is a hub from which numerous trails suitable for snowshoeing branch out. One of the preferred destinations for fans of this silent sport is Starleggia and the charming basin of San Sisto, or Pian dei Cavalli, a unique karst plateau that is also interesting from an archaeological standpoint, thanks to the settlements that were discovered here, dating back 10,000 years ago. Mount Tignoso is also famous for the practice of a unique sport known as skiing with skins.

Cross country skiing enthusiasts can take advantage of a special 7 km trail, the area's longest, which runs along both banks of the river Liro, where you can try out both the skating and alternate stride technique. Downhill skiers need to take the rapid underground Sky Express funicular to the plateau of Motta. Motta is equipped with lifts that are part of the impressive ski area of Valchiavenna Madesimo-Campodolcino, with its 50 km of trails just waiting to be discovered.

Those with a keen interest for farming must be sure to visit Ca' Bardassa, a characteristic, multi-purpose valley building dating back to 1800: in the residential section you will come across the stüa, a room covered in wood paneling, the chja dal föc (kitchen) and the dairy for milk processing. Located in Franciscio, Ca' Bardassa is home to the Ethnographic Museum of the Mountain Community of Valchiavenna.

For a more in-depth look at the local history, visit the Museum of the Via Spluga and Val San Giacomo, which has revitalised the historic 16th -century building "Palazz" of Corti: this mansion conserves a collection of the valley's mementos, from the crossing along the Spluga pass to children's games, from evidence of the traditional trades to the clothing worn by local women.

Near Motta , look out for the statue of Our Lady of Europe, a monument about 13 metres high that was erected in 1957. This statute also marks the centre of the European river basin, from where the waters flow into the Mediterranean(Liro, Adda , Po rives) , into the North Sea (Reno) and the Black Sea (Inn, Danube) . Another incredibly beautiful site, considered a national natural monument, is the Caurga: a deep gorge that the river Rabbiosa rushes into.

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