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Excursions to Zelo Buon Persico

An itinerary to discover the canals and natural beauty of Lodigiano

The best places for rambling and running in and around Zelo Buon Persico. Learn about the green paths of the area for a weekend discovering the natural world.


Zelo Buon Persico, in the province of Lodi, is the perfect destination for a picnic or a relaxing Sunday day trip, especially during the spring. This municipality near to the river Adda also offers various opportunities for anyone who loves running or rambling in natural surroundings. Here are a few tips for enjoying the fresh air and enchanting landscapes.

Excursions along the Adda and its canals
A long time ago, around the year 1100, the area of Zelo Buon Persico was home to Lake Gerundo. Indeed, this area, situated between the current course of the river Adda and the borders of Cremona, was once submerged under water, with Zelo located at the north-western extremity of the lake. According to an ancient legend, the lake was home to a feared dragon called Tarantasio, who was defeated by a courageous knight from the Visconti family. Even now, within the territory of this municipality, 19 wetlands have been identified; one of the most prominent of these is the Mortone, a large marsh of more than 30 hectares, containing small areas of water and a fresh watercourse, surrounded by dense vegetation. You will also find artificial canals in this area, such as the Muzza, which stems from the right-hand branch of the Adda. In the past, the inhabitants of Zelo constructed the canal to guarantee good irrigation for their crops. Today, you can enjoy strolls along the banks of this watercourse, as well as contact with the natural world.

Natural parks in Zelo Buon Persico
One of the best places to explore the natural beauty of Lodigiano is Centro Parco di Villa Pompeiana (The Villa Pompeiana Park Centre), near to the “Il Mortone” natural reserve (another place that we recommend visiting to admire the many species of bird that live there). This reserve evokes the marshes that made up the typical Lodigiano landscape before the drainage works carried out by Cistercian and Benedictine monks, which created the Muzza canal in 1220. Within the Centre, inside the main hall, you will find various species of embalmed animals, representing the typical fauna of the park. Outside, there is also a playground for children and a number of spaces dedicated to educational activities.

Centro Parco di Villa Pompeiana (Villa Pompeiana Park Centre)
Strada Provinciale 16d Villa Pompeiana
26839 Zelo Buon Persico (LO)

It is also worth mentioning Parco Ittico Paradiso, which is located in the hamlet of Villa Pompeiana. To reach it, take the Paullese city road and turn at the junction with Zelo Buon Persico, or follow via Emilia as far as Melegnano and follow the signs for Mulazzano and Villa Pompeiana. The park offers the opportunity of getting to know the flora and fauna of this freshwater environment by following its paths, which cover an area of 130,000 m². In this unspoilt landscape, among little lakes, brooks, ponds, and springs, you can spot wild ducks, herons, badgers, dormice and many other animals, all of which live in complete freedom. There are no enclosures or cages here, allowing you to observe these creatures in their natural habitats.

Parco Ittico Paradiso
Via Dosso, hamlet of Villa Pompeiana
26839 - Zelo Buon Persico (LO)

Routes for race lovers
With all these areas of natural beauty on offer, there’s nothing left for you to do but to enjoy a run along the paths and take in the stunning views. In Zelo Buon Persico, jogging fans can choose from a vast range of routes – some of which are paved and some of which are not – to enjoy some open-air training. During the spring, timed competitions and non-competitive events (offering routes of 7km, 12km or 20km) take place in the natural reserves that we have mentioned above, allowing participants to discover the greenest and most unique places in Lodigiano. Don’t miss the official marathon of the city of Lodi (Laus Half Marathon), for example, which usually takes place at the end of October along the main roads of Lombardy’s main city.

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