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The “Triangolo Lariano”: the Corni di Canzo mountain group

The Triangolo Lariano (a geographic area within the Province of Como) is a natural ‘balcony’ located between the Alps and the lowland.

It is an enchanting vantage point overlooking the Lago di Como and celebrated by writers and poets. Here history, art and mountain villages blend. Soaring slopes and rocky spires alternate with gentle hills covered with lawns and woods, crossed by rivers, torrents and waterfalls.

Climbing up to the Corni
The three trails leading to Corni di Canzo are a classical hiking experience in the area. The longer one departs from Canzo, the second trail from Oneda Valbrona, and the third one from Valmadrera for a 2 and a half hour walk through the woods to reach the Rifugio SEV in the lowland and admire the surrounding landscape. Hikers wishing to discover the mountains and hills of the Triangolo Lariano can opt for the Dorsale (ridge) route. It will take 2 days to cover a total distance of 30 km on cart and farm roads, forest paths and easy-to-walk trails of great landscape interest. The starting point of the itinerary is Brunate, to be reached from Como by cableway, with Bellagio as final destination.

Hiking option at Cornizzolo
Another interesting mount for hikers is Cornizzolo. You can start your climb at Gajum di Canzo by following the “Sentiero Geologico”, or “geological trail”. For a more demanding and rewarding hiking experience, opt for departure at the yjunction of Ceppo dell’Angua to reach the SEC mountain hut in 2 hours. From here, you can climb to the top of mount Cornizzolo with another 20-min. walk. Other alternative trails to climb to the top of mount Cornizzolo start from Lazzaretto di Canzo (one and a half hour’s walk) or from Alpe di Carella, where a bar is placed across the trail entrance to prevent car access. From this point, you can reach the top in one and a half hour.

Walls and erratic rocks for an amazing bouldering experience
The rock walls of the Triangolo Lariano are among the most popular destinations for climbers. Although they are not so high, routes are so structured that only expert climbers can attempt this gruelling expedition. The presence of erratic rocks will make your climb daunting, especially along the glaciological trail, which makes these mountains ideal for bouldering. Other interesting bouldering options include the Gajum rock wall and the most recently formed cliff close to Sasso d’Erba, a peaceful and isolated spot with an excellent exposure, especially during winter. Simple or more
demanding routes can be used to reach Sasso Tavarac, a relatively wild place. Finally, for longer distances, boulderers could also opt for the Buco del Piombo in the Erba municipality.

The Sormano ad Ghisallo “walls”
Bicycle lovers can test their abilities on the demanding classical climbing routes of Sormano and Ghisallo. The proposed itinerary includes a ring-shaped trail starting from Nesso, covering a distance of 50 km, and offering spectacular views. You will ride mainly on roads open to car traffic and need to be watchful. Mountain bikers could also opt for the full Triangolo trail, starting from Como and reaching up, through the Brunate climb, to Bellagio. The trail includes all types of off-road terrains, where apparently flat
ground alternate with challenging, short upward slopes. A few sections with rocks along the route need to be covered on foot pushing your bike. This is a ‘technical’ type of trail, with narrow passages and steep cliffs on the sides. Another nice climb worth riding with a mountain bike is a trail that reaches up to Colma di Sormano.



1. Art. A visit to the Romanesque complex of San Pietro al Monte, on top of mount Cornizzolo, with its lush green lawns and forested slopes, is highly recommended. After a nearly one hour walk from the Civate village, you can reach this prime example of Romanesque art in Como with the San Pietro Basilica and the small San Benedetto Oratory.

2. Sport. Sports enthusiasts can take a two-seater paraglider ride – to enjoy breathtaking mountain and lake views from the top – at the paragliding school based in Suello, at the foot of mount Cornizzolo, which can also be reached by public transport. The paragliding instructors of the school will guide you throughout this adrenalinfuelled ride to ensure a safe experience.

3. History/1. Historic places worth visiting include the Shrine of Madonna del Ghisallo, the patron of cyclists, and its appurtenant Museum, with a rich and exhaustive collection of cycling and racing exhibits. Visitors can admire vintage bicycles that belonged to great champions, cycling gears, pictures, documents and trophies.

4. History/2. In Albese con Cassano, an old wash house has been renovated and is now home to the ethnographic museum, where tools and equipment on show include a tub for washing laundry, a water pump and fire-fighting machinery from the second half of the nineteenth century, as well as material related to work in the countryside.

5. Astronomy. The Sormano Space Observatory – run by “Gruppo Astrofili della Brianza” – is dedicated to astrometry and photography, with a special focus on the tracking of asteroids that intersect the Earth’s orbit. Among the listed celestial objects are asteroids and comets that will approach the Earth and other planets of the solar system in the next two hundred years.

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