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The window on the river Po

A romantic corner on the Great River
  • Art & Culture
The window on the river Po

On Two Wheels From Pavia to Milan

From Pavia to Milan: six stages to discover on two wheels.
  • Cycle Tourism
First stop

When food meets fashion

Prêt à ... manger. When food meets fashion
  • Food & Wine
Prêt à… manger. When food meets fashion

La Via Palmaria Burdigalense

From France to the Holy Land…Passing through Italy!
  • Religious Tourism
La Via Palmaria Burdigalense

Fat Bike in Valtellina

Guaranteed fun in any path and condition
  • Cycle Tourism
Fat Bike in Valtellina, great fun at any location and time

Park Bergamask Orobie

In the park that includes a hundred of lakes, both natural and artificial, the ptarmigan and the golden eagle are at home
  • Parks
Bergamo Orobie Mountains Park

Snowshoe trekking

A winter trek with snowshoes on one's feet is a very pleasant experience for everyone, adults and children
  • Mountains
Ciaspolate in Lombardia

Boroughs Mantua

The villages of Mantua satisfy both gourmets and lovers of history and legends
  • Villages
Boroughs Mantua, traveling through Lombardy