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Spina Verde Regional Park

Into the park woods, discovering a rich flora-fauna and architectural heritage

The Spina Verde Regional Park stretches along the hilly northwest reaches of Como.

The richest floristic formations of the area are the chestnut woods, well represented especially in the western part of the park. This essence was introduced by humans for the economic value of its fruit and its wood.

The chestnut trees are joined by native species such as oak, birch and the Scots pine, which dominates the western sector. The eastern part of the park is inhabited by forests predominantly or exclusively composed of black locust. The recurrence of fires and repeat cuttings in certain areas of the forest has led to the formation of shrubby vegetation that has taken the place of the forest areas, such as thickets and heaths characterized by hazelnut and buddleja or by heather, broom and gorse. In terms of the park's wildlife, in the woods of the Spina Verde Park you can still find certain mammal species, such as voles, common squirrels, dormouse, the hare, the fox and the stone marten. There are also many species of birds, both resident and migratory.

There is certainly no lack of reptiles such as lizard, rat snake, Aesculapius, the slow worm and a few vipers. In humid environments (near streams and small ponds of water), you can also find various species of amphibians, including red frogs, the toad and the salamander. The area has many sites of archaeological interest, with the remains of the proto-historic Como and the history from the medieval Baradello Castle until the recent trenches of Sasso di Cavallasca.

There are also numerous places of worship: from the findings related to ancient pre-Roman and Roman rites to Sanctuaries (first of all the basilicas of St. Carpoforo and Sant'Abbondio), to the locations of traditional events, such as the tiny church of St. Rocco in Cavallasca and the Cross of San Eutichio.

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