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Springtime in the Royal Residence and Park of Monza

One of the first flowers to usher in springtime is the crocus. This is followed by violets, anemones and wild garlic. If you’re planning to visit Monza in Spring then don’t miss one of nature’s prettiest shows: the flowers in the Royal Gardens and Monza Park.  

You can use the georeferenced map of the Royal Residence of Monza (Reggia di Monza) to go on the hunt for an unassailable burst of colours and scents. Some examples? Starting at the Porta Vedano entrance are the Corydalises with their characteristic tubular-shaped flowers. Not far from Villa Mirabellino, the map suggests seeking out the flowering of anemones or the Cornelian cherry, a shrub whose early blooms announce the arrival of Spring. Then in the Royal Gardens and the Park, don’t miss the green and white Wild Garlic carpeting the fields. This plant was introduced by the Habsburgs when the Villa Reale was the country residence of Archduke Ferdinand, son of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria because it is an easy-to-care-for ground cover plant. 

The flowers in the Niso Fumagalli rose garden, in the courtyard of honour of Villa Reale have been deliberately left off the map: late May is the best time to enjoy the over eight hundred rose varieties. Designed by the architects Francesco Clerici and Vittorio Faglia, the rose garden also includes a pond and some enchanting pathways through the collection. 

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