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Park Campo dei Fiori

Located in the Pre-Alps, the park of Varese is home to wetlands, natural areas and a rich variety of flora and fauna

The Campo dei Fiori Regional Park rests on a hilly area overlooking Varese and the Pianura Padana (Po valley) and is bordered to the northwest by Valcuvia, to the east by Valganna and by the city of Varese to the south.

It includes two major massifs, Campo dei Fiori and Martica, separated by the Rasa Valley. The park is home to six nature reserves that encompass the most important and characteristic environments. Be sure to visit the eight natural monuments scattered throughout the territory of the park, little gems of particular interest. The entire park is easy to explore through its sixteen major trails marked by discreet signs offering clear information. 

Thanks to its special geographical location and geological features, the park provides the habitat for a wide range of vegetation, with forests of chestnut and beech trees, areas of rocky flora and peaty - boggy environments, rich with wildlife. The Campo dei Fiori's forests at the summit are mainly populated with beech trees, especially on the north side, and a large expanse of conifers (created through a reforestation programme). Below the altitude mark of 600 metres, the beech tree is replaced by the chestnut tree, along with the ash, lime and sycamore in certain deep and humid valleys.

The forests of the park are home to a fine variety of both nesting raptors (Black kite, Pennacchiolo hawk, Buzzard, Sparrow hawk, Goshawk, and Peregrine Falcon) and migrating birds (toed Eagle, Marsh Harrier). The Campo dei Fiori Park is also home to karst phenomena of considerable importance in terms of characteristics and size: more than 130 caves have been discovered up to now, for a network of tunnels that extends over thirty kilometres. You can also find historic and architectural artefacts here, such as the complex of the Sacred Mount, The Hotel Tre Croci del Sommaruga and the Fortress of Orino.

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